Pig’s head croquette


Some of you might remember I wrote about a Hong Kong restaurant dedicated to whole hog dining in Hong Kong called The Fat Pig. The crispy fried pig’s ears there were a bit of a letdown, but there are other parts to a pig to try.

Another dish I tried was the pig’s head croquette. I’d eaten cheeks before, which I found to be perhaps the best part of the pig, and I do like croquettes, so I had big expectations for this dish. Luckily this time I was not disappointed.

The meat in the croquette was super tender and almost sticky. It was perhaps about 90 percent meat and only 10 percent ragout. The taste had a great umami taste and was very rich. The richness was cut through with a gorgeous salsa verde packed with lemon. It was a perfect accompaniment for the croquette.

Fear Factor 2 / Taste Test – 9


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