Barbecued chicken hearts


I’d tried chicken hearts once before at a Brazilian barbecue where the waiters come by with all kinds of meats. At that time the heart was very tough and chewy, and so I was not looking forward to trying it again. At a recent barbecue with friends, someone had brought some chicken hearts, and I could hardly refuse.

To my great surprise these chicken nuggets of sorts were super tender and soft in a way that you would normally associate with uncooked meat such as tartar. The biggest reason why I don’t enjoy eating offal so much is due to texture. Often times it’s rubbery or fatty, but these chicken hearts were just fine.

The taste was pretty nondescript, much like chicken meat tends to be. Most of the flavor came from the marinade of chili powder, salt and cumin. The hearts themselves didn’t have an overpowering taste. If it’s served like this all the time, I’m sure I would eat hearts more often.

Fear Factor – 8 / Taste Test – 7


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