Corn ice-cream


I just couldn’t imagine corn ice-cream to taste good. Corn is used as a vegetable where I’m from after all. In hindsight I could have known that a sweet corn dish would work. It’s transformed into popcorn after heating, and there is such a thing as “sweetcorn”.

I got this ice-cream from a roadside stall near a big tourist site here in Lanzhou, China. It was a corn cob shaped waffle cone filled with corn ice-cream. On the first bite I felt an odd sensation of a savory and sweet mix. I expected the ice-cream not taste like corn, but rather sweet, but in fact you could definitely taste corn just as you would in for instance a succotash.

The taste of corn was mixed with a creamy and sweet taste that you would get from a good vanilla ice-cream. After the second and third bite I got used to this odd mixture of flavors, and I enjoyed every bite after that. I’m not sure if corn ice-cream will ever pick up in Holland, but I know I’ll definitely go back for seconds soon.

Fear Factor – 4 – Taste Test – 8


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