Spicy beef tripe


Although I will always try everything – how else can you know if you like it or not – I was definitely not looking forward to trying tripe. The good thing about going out to China is that you always order a few dishes to share among your friends, so I knew that if I didn’t like the tripe, I could always eat the rest of the dishes.

The aroma that came off the tripe wasn’t making my appetite any bigger. It was so musty it kind of reminded me of a wet dog after the rain. I almost chickened out, but I have to live by my rule of trying everything.

My first bite was expectantly pleasant. It was nice and spicy and little sour. The texture was a little chewy, but it wasn’t leathery at all. I even went back for seconds and thirds. After a few bites though, I came across a few pieces that tasted how it smelled, and I decided to switch to my sweet and sour pork dish.

All in all it was not a bad experience, and I do think I will try it again in another country where it’s cooked in a different way.

Fear Factor – 9 / Taste Test 7


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