Pumpkin pudding KitKat


Apparently, the Japanese are crazy about KitKat, as there are so many specialty flavors and limited editions. I tried a few of the special editions, and I will post them all here on my blog in the coming weeks. For Halloween they made a limited edition pumpkin pudding KitKat.

I was excited about this as pumpkin makes a great dessert, but it could also be a disaster if it was a more savory version of it. It turns out that it didn’t taste like sweet or savory pumpkin at all. The flavor that I got out of it was coconut. That and a big hit of sugar. Of course coconut and chocolate is a tried and tasted combination.

Once again I have to say that although I liked it, it was not what I expected, and therefore I can’t give it a high score.

Fear Factor – 2 / Taste Test – 6


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