Living in Holland, I would never have imagined eating snails, even if it has a fancy name and is baked with loads of garlic. When you’re on holiday, however, you tend to be much braver when it comes to trying out certain foods. When I went to Paris on a city break I found myself stealing a few bites of my friend’s escargots.

Being hesitant to try out different foods is often a mental thing. I mean, why would someone be happy to eat the meat of a pig or a cow, but be grossed out by the idea of eating the meat of a donkey. Knowing full well I can’t honestly say I dislike something without ever having tried it, I went ahead and took a bite.

To my surprise the escargots were not nearly as bad as I thought they would be. In fact, I rather liked them. The taste of the snails is masked by the herbs, butter and garlic, which is a combination I’ve always been drawn to. Snails will never become my favorite meal though, as there is a slight semi-rubbery texture that just doesn’t match my palate.

Fear Factor – 6 / Taste Test – 7


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