Goat curry


During my trip to Sri Lanka I wanted to try some local food, which in Sri Lanka often means rice and curry. I found a restaurant called “Kaema Sutra” by one of the best chefs in Sri Lanka, Dharshan Munidasa, whose two other restaurants rank among the 50 best in Asia.

On the menu were several curries that featured ingredients that I’m not used to having in curries back home. My travel companion and I decided on a fish curry and the goat curry. In Holland we never really eat goat, unless perhaps at some more ethnic restaurant. I’d always heard that goat can be very dry if cooked incorrectly, but I trusted the hands of the chef.

It turned out to be a great choice. The meat was mostly very tender, though a few pieces were still quite chewy. The curry itself was very fragrant and very spicy. The meat was served in one dish, with the bones served in another.

With the bones came some straws that could be used to suck out the marrow. That made for another thing I had never done before, and I’d wanted to do since seeing Anthony Bourdain doing just that in Singapore. The marrow was fatty and flavorful, as marrow should be, and it actually gave my taste buds a moment of relief from the spicy curry.

Fear Factor – 4 / Taste Test – 8


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