Pig’s blood cake


In almost every country in the world you will find some dishes that are made of blood. In my own country I’ve eaten blood sausage before, so I was not too afraid of this dish. However, on closer look I did get a bit squeamish.

Here in China you can go to a restaurant where you pick your own ingredients, and hand them over at the counter where the chefs will turn them into a dish for you. This is known as “malatang”, or spicy soup. I had done this many times before, always going for the plentiful vegetables and safer meat options, but I’d never ventured out into the unknown.

One thing that always struck me as odd was this brownish tofu-like cake, which on further inspection turned out to be made of pig’s blood. I thought it would have been cooked with spices to make it more interesting, but my friend assures me it’s simply congealed blood.

It would be safe to try one piece, as I still had my vegetables to fill my stomach in case I didn’t like the blood cake. Well, I sure was glad that I picked some other ingredients. On my first bite I was confronted with such a strange texture. It wasn’t exactly soft, yet it wasn’t exactly hard. The closest thing I could describe it with would be an overly set jello. With every bite I felt like my teeth were going to stick together.

The taste, however, was not that upsetting. There was a slight coppery flavor, like licking on a copper coin. It makes sense as blood contains a lot of iron. It reminds me most of liver. If not for the texture, I wouldn’t mind having another go.

Fear Factor – 7 / Taste Test – 4


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