I had always heard mixed reactions to the consumption of the notorious king of stinky fruit, the durian. Locals in South East Asia say it may smell like hell, but it tastes like heaven. Westerners, on the other hand, find it unpalatable.

The durian is definitely one of the stranger fruits I have ever eaten. It’s as big as a basketball, and sometimes even bigger, and is covered in ferocious spikes, making it a dangerous past time to walk among the trees that bear it. You surely don’t want one of those falling on your head. Durian is also one of the smelliest foods on the planet. It’s right up there with Limburger cheese and Stinky Tofu (more on those later). Its smell is so overpowering it’s oftentimes not allowed to bring into public buildings such as hotels. This is truly a forbidden fruit.

I had come across durians before during my travels across Asia. I can see them in my local supermarket in China throughout the year, but it wasn’t until my second visit to Bali, Indonesia in 2016 that I decided to give it ago. Maybe the locals were right after all.

It turns out that even after five years of living in China, my palate had not yet fully adapted to Asian standards. Durian is one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever had the “pleasure” of trying. It’s hard to describe the sensation, but I’ve finally narrowed it down to a mixture of blue cheese and raw onions.

Although I’m not keen on trying again, durian will feature heavily in tis blog in the shape of chocolate, cookies, ice-creams and shakes. The thought of it alone gives me precognitive gags, but who knows I might be surprised.

Fear Factor – 5 / Taste Test – 0


7 thoughts on “Durian

  1. fareasttravelogue

    yes, its a native fruit of Southeast Asia, We have a lot of those in my hometown. For people who did not grow up in Asia, or they don’t have it around them, or they grew up not knowing about that fruit, for sure they will find it smelly, or stinky as how they call it because its new to them. Some describe it in an article like a dead animal, C’mon, its not like that at all. A smell of a dead rotting meat with some worms on it, is not the same as the smell of that fruit. People will describe it as stinky its because, It’s new to their senses But when you are around it…. you’ll get used to it.
    It is like,… there are stinky cheeses around the world and when you let people who are not aware of something like that to try or taste it, they will describe it also in a different way. If you look at the health benefits of that fruit, it has minerals, potassium, vitamins and a great source of B complex which is very rare to find in a fruit, thus some article called it “the king of fruits”.


    • Off the bitten path

      Thanks for your comment. Actually I don’t mind the smell. I really don’t think it’s that bad at all. There’s even a sweetness to it. I just did not like the taste at all. Of course I could have just had a bad one, as I know there are different varieties of durian.

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      • Off the bitten path

        Right, I did hear about some varieties that are sweeter. I’ll have to find out where I can try some. So many people love it, I’m sure I’ll like it too if I just find the right match. Thanks for the tips!

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  2. Sabine

    Maybe a strange thing that I looooove Durian although I am western. First bite is a bit strange but after that it only gets better and just wants you to have more! Maybe good to know that there are different kind of durian and they all taste different. Maybe you will like a different kind if you want to give it a go again. Wish we would have them here!


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